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Features you get:


Resetting statistics

You will have the opportunity to ask the administration to clear all the statistics for you, which will allow you to start the game over


Change of nickname and flag

You will be able to change your nickname and flag in your profile settings. A shift is available once a month and the number of shifts depends on the purchased months of the support


Custom profile background

You will have the opportunity to set your custom profile background with your favorite anime


Profile badge

Going into the profile, the players will see that you love and support us


Friends top

Do you want to compete with your friends? This feature will open you to sorting by friends in the game client!


Golden nickname in chat

Stand out in chat with a golden nickname and show that you are not like everyone else

Did you know?

Even though we offer to play for free, we still have to pay. If we always paid out of pocket, firstly, we would go broke, and secondly, we would not have the opportunity to improve the server hardware to match the load. And even with enough code optimizations that allow to run extremely fast on extremely poor hardware, as the number of users increases, more advanced servers become necessary. That is why we ask you to help us with this :).


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